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The basic digital package is required as base for all other digital TV services. Called the Lifestyle Pak it is $77.95 a month for the service & $4.50 per month for standard set-top box (total $82.45 plus tax). Some 100+ channels of TV (including local stations) and 50 radio channels. (Note: NOT high-def.)
Highly recommended
40+ channels in high-definition, including popular network channels INCLUDED WITH LIFESTYLE PAK
Special Selection
For only $6.95, a set of popular cable channels such as Boomerang, Crime & Investigation, Oxygen, Hallmark Movies, CNN International, FYI, and FLIX.
Including Family, HBO 1 & 2, Signature, Comedy, Zone and Latino. 17.95 a month
With East, West, East2, Showcase, Family, Women, Extreme, Beyond, TMC & more. $16.95 a month
It has Max, More Max, Fivestar Max, Outer Max, Action Max, Thriller Max, At Max and more. $13.95 a month
Encore / Starz
Besides the basic Starz and Encore channels this package offer 13 other channels with comedy, family programs, drama, suspense, action, love and more. $15.95 a month
NFL Redzone
A special game day-only channel that broadcasts on Sundays during the regular season. RedZone also provides "whip around" coverage of all Sunday afternoon games airing in-progress on CBS and Fox. In 2015 the cost was $55 for the entire season.
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