Cable and web entertainment, together at last, on all of your screens, large and small

TiVo is much more than a DVR. It's a cable box, a movie box, a web box, and a music box. Record, pause, or watch live TV on your TiVo. Use the onscreen guides to see what's on everywhere and record it easily, even if you're not home and even if you're watching something else on TV. And perhaps most interesting, discover the new world of video on the web.

Stay connected
The new TiVo® App for iPad and the TiVo® App for iPhone let you search, browse, discover and share without ever interrupting what you're watching.

  • Schedule recordings remotely on the web or your mobile phone

  • Transfer recordings to your laptop, iPod, iPad, iPhone, PSP, or other TiVo-ready mobile devices

  • Transfer your favorite recorded programs from TiVo to your computer and burn them onto a DVD disc

Experience web content like never before
Watch the hottest YouTube™ sensations or explore the virtually endless selection of videos on the biggest screen in your house

  • Find and watch FREE web videos for every interest under the sun

  • Listen to your favorite audio podcasts on your TV or home entertainment system with Podcaster

  • View photos from Picasa or Photobucket on the biggest screen in your home

  • Enjoy your PC or Mac's photo libraries on your TV

Bring your music to life

  • Stream music from Pandora, Rhapsody, Live 365, or Spotify

  • Enjoy your PC or Mac's music libraries on your TV

Find video you didn't know existed via TiVo

What does TiVo cost?

TiVo has a $9.95 monthly access fee which brings forth its popular programing guides and other online services. High speed internet is required to receive TiVo services. Nelson Cable recommends 4 Mbps or higher. Each Nelson Cable TiVo receiver includes a CableCard to receive programming and TiVo features. Receivers are available for monthly lease or purchase.

Monthly receiver lease starts at $6.49 for 1 receiver.  If TiVo receiver is purchased from another retailer or, Nelson Cable customers can still have free set-up, but subscribers will need to purchase a CableCard from Nelson Cable to access its digital programming and features. Current CableCard price is $100, plus tax, per card. (Analog television service does not work with TiVo.)


The TiVo Mini

The TiVo Mini

The TiVo options

Extend the TiVo experience to every TV in your house.
When you add TiVo Mini to your TiVo Roamio , you get the ultimate multi-room solution. TiVo Minis let you enjoy the complete TiVo experience on additional TVs in your house. Access live TV and recorded shows, and apps.

•Watch live TV and recorded shows
•Access YouTube® and more
•Search, schedule and record your shows


The TiVO Roamio Plus

The TiVO Roamio Plus

TiVo Roamio

TiVo Roamio combines the worlds of TV and web entertainment in a way that makes it effortless to navigate. No need to switch remotes and devices or learn a new system. You get whatever you want, whenever you want it.

  • Plugs into your existing cable service

  • Records up to 6 shows at once (depending on device)

  • Stores up to 3,000 hours of programming

  • 4-tuner Roamio works with any HD antenna

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Call Nelson Cable at 434-263-4805 and learn why they recommend TiVo for those seeking the best and easiest-to-use DVR on the market



Set top boxes offering audible accessible channel guide for the viewing impaired are available for digital programming by request.  For more information, please contact our Customer Service Representatives at 434-263-4805, option 1. They are available Monday-Friday 9AM to 4PM.