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Address for Service
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Phone where we can reach you
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All speed levels are maximum provided; speeds can vary depending on network demand. (Prices are per month. Install fees may apply; otherwise no additional cost. Wireless routers are an additional charge. Taxes may apply. Static IP address available, contact office for details. See agreement for details.)
If you have internet service, Nelson Cable offers residential phone service for only $29.95 a month. Residential service includes a local area telephone number, 911 / E911 emergency service, national directory listing, and unlimited inbound and outbound local & long distance in the Continental United States.
Digital Cable Television
The base TV package
The basic digital package is REQUIRED as base for all other digital TV services. Called the Lifestyle Pak, it is $87.95 a month for the service & $4.50 per month for standard set-top box. Offers 100+ channels of TV (including local stations) and 50 radio channels. (Note: NOT high-def.)
Highly recommended
Included with Lifestyle Pak, you get 40+ channels in high-definition, including popular network channels.
Special Selection
For only $6.95, a set of popular cable networks with a wide variety of unique programs such as Boomerang, Crime & Investigation, Oxygen, Hallmark Movies, CNN International, FYI, H2, Military History and FLIX.
Including Family, HBO 1 & 2, Signature, Comedy, Zone and Latino. 16.95 a month
With East, West, East2, Showcase, Family, Women, Extreme, Beyond, TMC & more. $13.95 a month
It has Max, More Max, Firestar Max, Outer Max, Action Max, Thriller Max, At Max and more. $13.95 a month
Encore / Starz
Besides the basic Starz and Encore channels this package offer 13 other channels with comedy, family programs, drama, suspense, action, love and more. $15.95 a month
NFL Redzone
A special game day-only channel that broadcasts on Sundays during the regular season. RedZone also provides "whip around" coverage of all Sunday afternoon games airing in-progress on CBS and Fox. $55.00 a season
Analog cable TV service
Does not require Lifestyle pak
basic cable television
$58.95 a month for one television, each additional TV $4 a month; three or more outlets $10. A few premium services available with additional monthly fees.
Address for billing
Address for billing
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