In January, 2018, Viasat launched Viasat 2, the most powerful communicaitons satellite in the world.  This new technology is now making internet service available to most any home anywhere.

  • Viasat offers internet download speeds up to 25 Mbps
  • 16 times faster than Exede's original Wildblue Service
  • Viasat beams your internet signal directly from VIasat 1 and 2, the most powerful communication satellites ever launched
  • The FCC’s 2013 Measuring Broadband America report of U.S. Internet Service Providers found that Exede Internet is No. 1 at delivering on advertised speeds or better. (This was the first time any satellite Internet service was included in the survey.)
  • Up to 8 times faster than average DSL.
  • Great for streaming video, movies, video chat, sharing photos and files.

If you have been told you cannot have a faster internet connection, talk to Nelson Cable about professionally installing Viasat satellite broadband technology at your home or business.

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