Pursuant to Section 631 of the Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984 (the “Cable Act”), Nelson Cable, Inc. is required to inform new and current subscribers on an annual basis of our privacy policy.

Nelson Cable only collects information necessary to provide service to the subscriber or to monitor unauthorized reception of cable and cable modem signals.  This includes name and address, telephone number, account number, billing and collection information, service and installation records, subscriber correspondence, the services rendered by the subscriber, maintenance, service and installation information, and marketing data.

Collected information is made available to Nelson Cable employees, accountants, billing and collection agencies, installation subcontractors, and program service providers.  Information is on a “need to know basis” and only retained as long as required for financial and tax accounting purposes, and required bylocal, state and federal law.

Disclosure of personally identifiable information may also be required by court order directed to Nelson Cable.

A subscriber has the right to contest government agency claims to such information; and to review all such information at Nelson Cable office during regular business hours, given reasonable notice to our office by either phone or letter, and to correct any errors in the information. Should you have questions concerning the rights and obligations of Nelson Cable or your rights under the Cable Act, you may contact our office during normal business hours.  Our office is located at 2771-A Rockfish Valley Highway, Nellysford, VA22958.  Our hours are Monday thru Friday 9:00am—4:00pm.  Our telephone number is 434-263-4805.


By subscribing to the service, Subscriber agrees to the following Terms and Conditions: 

Subscriber warrants that he has complete authority to have installation and maintenance performed on the property shown on the face of this form and shall fully indemnify and exonerate Nelson Cable, hereinafter referred to as Company, for loss or damage of any kind sustained by it by reason of such authority. 

Subscriber hereby grants to Company, its successors, assigns, lessees and agents, a right of way agreement along any two (2) of the property lines for its system plus the necessary route from the heretofore described right of way easement to subscriber’s dwelling and Company shall, at all reasonable times, have the right to enter the property for purposes of installation, inspection, audit, repair, maintenance, and to control and maintain trees and shrubbery and to keep the easement clear of obstacles which may interfere with or endanger the safety or use of said system.  Subscriber shall notify Miss Utility (Call 811 or 1-800-552-7001), or online at,  at least 3 working days, excluding weekends and holidays, before digging or making alterations where the cable may become damaged.  Company will locate and mark underground cable at no charge.  Cutting right-of-way for aerial or underground drop-cable, repair, or replacement from distribution line tap to subscriber’s receiving equipment will be made at subscriber’s expense. 

When Company connects to subscriber’s TV pre-wiring, when the pre-wiring has not been installed in accordance with the National Electrical Safety Code and/or Company specifications, Company does not attest to the safety or compatibility and makes no claim as to the suitability of such pre-wiring. 

Company will not be responsible for lightning and/or surge damage.  During electrical storms, subscriber should disconnect cable and electrical connections from receiving equipment to prevent damage. 

Subscriber will be mailed a monthly statement for making monthly payments by mail or at company office in person.  Statements are printed on or about the 20th of each month. Payments are due in advance by the first of the month.  Subscriber’s first month’s service may be prorated.  If monthly payment is not received by the 10th of the month, subscriber will be assessed a $5.00 late charge per month. If payment is not received by the end of the month, services may be disconnected without notice.  Subscriber shall be responsible for all costs of collecting the delinquent account, including an attorney’s fee of 25%.  Subscriber will be responsible for monthly subscription charges until such time as subscriber notifies Company in writing that service is to be terminated. 

Subscriber acknowledges that he is subscribing to the services specified on the  Service Application to be received on the receiving equipment being connected by Company.  That he will notify Company if he changes or modifies his receiving equipment or for any reason receives CATV service not subscribed to on this agreement of addendum thereto.  Subscriber stipulates the minimum value of such unauthorized reception to be $500.00.  Subscriber shall not have more than one CATV set to each outlet without the knowledge and written approval of Company.  The subscriber shall safeguard and not disturb or allow any unauthorized person to perform any work on any part of the cable system which is on or adjacent to his premises.  In the event the subscriber or others under subscriber control have altered cable system, or tampered with a security seal, a minimum service charge of $89.00 may be assessed to subscriber.  Company may immediately terminate Subscriber’s Service and this Agreement if Subscriber or a user of Subscriber’s Service breaches this Agreement.  Company reserves the right in its sole discretion to terminate Subscriber’s Service and this Agreement at any time or to suspend (with or without notice) or terminate access to or use the Service in whole or in part.

Set Top Boxes and other property provided to subscriber shall remain the property of Company.  Subscriber agrees to pay for repair and assumes risk of loss, theft, or damage prior to return by the subscriber and stipulates the minimum value of any such property to be $500.00. Set top boxes offering audible accessible channel guide for the viewing impaired are available for digital programming by request.  For more information, please contact our Customer Service Representatives at 434-263-4805, option 1. They are available Monday-Friday 9AM to 4PM.

Temporary outages are to be expected when working on system, equipment failure, vandalism, accidents involving our cable, and power failure.  Subscriber rates are figured with an outage factor calculated in and no refund or credit will be allowed for these anticipated outages.  In the event a channel is removed from service, we will make an effort to substitute similar programming.  Subscriber will notify Company office whenever there is an outage. 

Company has upgraded its transmission equipment and may require subscriber to have Company furnished set top box and/or an access card in order for all cable channels to be received.  This set top box may be necessary even though subscriber may have a so-called “cable ready” TV set. 

The terms of this Agreement are subject to amendment by the Company as procedures and market conditions may dictate.  Subscriber agrees that the terms of this Agreement as amended shall govern if Company provides subscriber with a written copy or makes available on its website,  of any amended forms of the Agreement and subscriber thereafter continues service. 

Rev. 12.18.18